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SunRISE Mapping and Research (formerly SunRISE 21 Inc. and now a division of Mallee Family Care Inc.) is a community based organisation specialising in mapping and spatial information services. Since 1995, SunRISE Mapping has been developing its spatial information expertise and capacity to provide powerful communication, management and planning tools to individual property owners, industry organisations, businesses and government agencies.

Remote sensing capability, and agronomic technical services were added to the SunRISE Mapping and Research portfolio during 2012.

SunRISE Mapping products are based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. GIS enables capture and storage of data in a spatial, digital format. This greatly enhances the ability to integrate and analyse data from different sources and to more effectively communicate information outputs.


With thanks to the Albert Heslop Bursary sponsors

OUR PARTNERS  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you to the following organisations for their support and contributions:

Mallee Family Care                                              Mildura Development Corporation                      Mallee Catchment Management Authority

Mildura Rural City Council                                 Wentworth Shire Council                                        Dried Fruits Australia

Murray Valley Winegrowers Inc.                       Australian Premium Dried Fruits                           TASCO Petroleum

Sunraysia Rural Counselling Service                Lower Murray Water                                                Wakefield Transport Group